Understanding Credit Scores

Credit Score Anatomy

The following is a quick break-down of what affects your credit score, along with a few suggestions on how to maintain a positive score. If you are serious about raising your credit score, you will want to talk with a professional credit repair company like Lexington Law, or one of [...] Read more »

Lexington Law

Lexington Law Office

Lexington Law is based out of Salt Lake, Utah and is one of the nation’s most reputable credit repair organizations. They’ve been successfully repairing bad credit scores for more than 20 years – and they can help fix your credit too. Get a Free Credit Repair Consultation over the Phone [...] Read more »

What Can A Credit Repair Company Really Do for You?

Credit Repair Companies

Credit repair companies simply do the-leg-work for you. There’s nothing a credit repair organization can legally do for you, including removing inaccurate credit information, which you cannot do for yourself – given you have the available time and energy. Many consumers decide that it is worth paying a credit repair [...] Read more »